Summary of Qualifications

  • Six years of dynamic Web Application Development experience, primarily E-Commerce focused
  • Five years of Web, DNS, and Database Server Administration
  • Developed and managed multiple successful, high volume E-Commerce sites, all of which having $1 Million+ annual sales.
  • Thorough understanding of secure payment processing, PCI compliance and fraud prevention.
  • Strong Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing skills.
  • History of finding and solving business problems using the latest web technologies.
  • Experience with ERP systems, back end integration, data exchange and Business Intelligence

Programming Languages

  • PHP and ASP server side languages, in the process of learning the Symfony, MVC based PHP framework
  • XHTML, CSS and Javascript client side languages/markup. I use the Jquery (and occasionally Prototype/Scriptaculous) library almost exclusively for all javascript, huge fan of these.


  • Extermely familiar with MySql, experience with MSSQL
  • MySql skills include query analysis and performance monitoring, full text indexing, replication and backup strategies, stored procedures, triggers and views.
  • Xml/Web Services, used primarily to develop credit card gateway scripts, UPS online tools, Google, Paypal and Ebay API's etc.
  • ODBC frequently used to integrate and share business data with various other platforms.
  • XMLHttpRequest along with regular expressions used in various types of data mining


  • Web server management in both Windows/IIS and LAMP environments.
  • Experienced in all aspects of secure server setup and configuration as well as monitoring.
  • MySQL servers - monitored for performance, health and status variables.

SEO, Search Marketing and Web Analytics

  • Extremely familiar with Organic SEO, Google Pagerank, contributing "on page" factors as well as "off page" factors.
  • Extensive experience with Google Analytics, including it's powerful "advanced" features.
  • A/B testing using Google's "Website Optimizer"

3SX Performance

June 2003 - November 2007
4494 Raceway Dr
Concord, NC

  • CIO
  • Internet/E-Commerce Manager
  • Solely responsible for development and maintenance of all Company IT systems


780 Johnson Ferry Rd Ste 650
Atlanta Ga. 30342
  • Independant Contractor

Freelance Developer and E-Commerce consultant

November 2007 - Present

  • "Andrew has exceeded expectations in every task given to complete the job 110%."
  • "Very responsive and went above expectations to confirm that the work done was tested correctly. Will use again.
  • "For IIS server work, configuration and support, I highly recommend this freelancer. Excellent, very good communicator and willing to get things fixed correctly and well. I've worked with many freelancers and would definitely return to him for IIS / Windows related work (as that was what the original project was on). Thanks!"

Dedicated Media Server and Torrent Server

  • Debian Headless OS
  • Webmin
  • rTorrent Torrent Client
  • wTorrent, Browser based rTorrent GUI
  • MythTV DVR


Andrew Stallings
5100 Laurel Grove Ln.
Weddington, NC 28104